Words by Peter Cates

As we’re stuck in the middle of this worldwide pandemic, and our days and weeks become a repetition of themselves, any source of optimism or hope of change is appreciated, and BLAZAR have delivered this with their latest single “Better”.

Lead by Jerad Finck, a Billboard-charting singer-songwriter in his own right, BLAZAR is a collaborative venture between some of the best behind-the-scenes figures in the pop world. Jerad has teamed up with esteemed writers and producers, whose credits include writing for Tiesto, The Fray, and P!nk, in an effort for them all to enjoy true creative freedom in this project.


“I wanted to make a record old school, really developing the songs bar by bar, with all of the coolest cats and producers I've met over the years in something entirely new.”


“Better” is the second single from BLAZAR; a fresh ‘time to dance’ and ‘time to be myself’ outlook. In his debut track “I Like It That Way”, we hear the crooner tones of BLAZAR singing about fresh love, however this latest single opens with a husky, softly rapped vocal line about fake smiles in a mundane life, showcasing his genre-bending skills as a writer and a performer.


From the pulsating bassline inspired by the Gorillaz, the track builds around BLAZAR and sweeps the listener into this realm of wishing we could escape our boring day-to-day tasks and live life with freedom and purpose. The emphatic yet simplistic hook gives us confidence that there’s more out there for each one of us, and once we reach it, we’ll find “it’s more than good, it’s better.”


Incorporating electro-pop sounds and vocoder effects, “Better” is a short but definitive track that highlights the artistry of BLAZAR and is sure to get the party started wherever it’s played. With an album on the way, we’re sure to hear more infectious tracks and addictive melodies from visionary Jerad Finck and his collective of pop aficionados.