Lucille Croft is an Australian DJ/Producer and owner of the new lingerie line This Is Bad Wolf.  I can't get enough of her no bullshit vibe and loved putting this feature together.  It's so nice to chat to someone authentic who sits so comfortably in her own skin.  Be sure to check out her Soundcloud for her latest mixes and also her new brand.  Look's to me like this girl is only just getting started and i can't wait to see what she pulls out of the bag next.

"I like badass women who give no fucks."

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Where did you grow up?

Did you study?
I studied at Whitehouse Institute of Design (I have a bachelor in Fashion Design)

Would you say you have a particular style that defines you?

No, and I would hate to ever be locked into one to be honest.  For both music and my style. I just buy and wear what I like, I don't think in-depth about if it's 'on-trend' or a particular 'brand'. My style varies a lot too - some days I'm all about oversized band tees and platforms, and other nights I'll put on a dress (but girl it down a bit with a badass jacket/boots etc). And for music, I play and make what I feel. My style and music will evolve and change as I do as a person. 

Who are are your biggest style influences?

I like fashion from the 90's - so 90's icons.  Especially women in rock. Leather pants, crop tops, chokers, platform shoes etc. I like badass women who give no fucks.

What brands do you love at the moment?

Lola Collection, Lipt, Tibbs and Bones, Gia, Prix Workshop... + gonna clearly plug my newly launched label This Is Bad Wolf!

Who are some other instagramers/general cool kids you think are killing it?

I like real girls on insta, who are cool as fuck and also stay in their own lanes, and are killing it while doing so:  

@cartercruise @samblacky  @brookeevers @hi_mija

What are you listening to?

Depeche Mode, Hans Zimmer, even have been revisiting Korn's glory releases. 

Best gig you you've been to lately?

Lately? Bring Me The Horizon concert, and before that... Jon Hopkins at his live show in Melbourne... life-changing.

Do you have any trips coming up?

Yeah, I have a tour coming up relatively soon. I'll be announcing it in the next few months!

Where do you go out to party?

I don't really. I'm a touring DJ, i spend enough time in clubs for my work as it is.

Do you have a favourite club or bar?

Not really... Melbourne does have some rad bars though - like Naked For Satan, Glamorama, Two Wrongs

Anything else?

I would just like to plug my new lingerie label that i recently launched. This is Bad Wolf It's a label that's about self-love, and feeling 100% comfortable and sexy in your skin exactly as it is. The brand bio/book etc is all on the site so you can suss what it's about :)

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Written by Zack Anthony Curran

Zack is the Director of Hipland.co




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