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Mel Dennis & The House Of Exotica

Posted on April 17 2019

Mel Dennis & The House Of Exotica

Mel Dennis & The House of Exotica


  House of Exotica 

Mel Dennis is Pixie-Rave-Punk personified.  I love her super quirky style and bold looks.  She's got pretty mad taste in tunes too!  Wouldn't you love to come across this crazy gal on a dance floor for a boogie? I know i would!  Thanks for stopping by Hipland, Mel.

For some totally MAD outfits you should check out her new clothing concept: House of Exotica

"I’ll always make the cheeky trip to Revolver Upstairs because it’s the best."

Do you have any trips coming up?

Heading to California in October for my great grandma’s 100th bday! And then gonna stick around for halloween because it’s one of my favourite days of the year and Americans know how to get around halloween.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Sisyphos sets

Best gig you you've been to lately?

Esoteric Festival

Where do you go out to party?

I’ll always make the cheeky trip to Revolver Upstairs because it’s the best. But besides that I’ll head to cool events that pop up around town, or a doof :)

Do you have a favourite club or bar?

Revs always and 4 eva.

Anything you want to add?

Shout out to all of the incredible and supportive people in my life. I love y’all so much it’s ridiculous.

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