Words by Keane Fletcher

We here at Hipland like to think we're doing our part, drawing attention to new music and championing artists at all stages of their career, whether they're touring the world or just getting ready to release their debut EP. So it's always heartening when artists return to Hipland to let us know what they've been working on. We're like a little family y'all! Case in point, Adelaide-based psychedelic hip-hop artist Noah Parcey (real name Jack Royce) who returns today after the release of previous single 'Fallen Angels' to talk to us about his upcoming projects and the process of evolution for him as an artist. Says Parcey:

To me, evolution is one of the most important parts of music. I love to listen and hear artists from the past and see how they progressed in their musicianship over the years.

That makes two of us! We stan a creative journey!

To celebrate the upcoming release of his new single we sat down with Parcey to talk all things music, inspo and what life has been like for him since last time we spoke. Check it out below!

1- What’s been happening since we last spoke to you?

A lot! I’ve been spending most of my time experimenting with new sounds; some psychedelic and others just plain weird. I’ve picked up a new synthesiser and have loved jamming and messing around with the sounds that it produces. I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with some local Adelaide artists and producers which has been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience. 

2- A little birdy told me you might me dropping a new track soon. Can you tell us a bit about it?

The ideas stemmed from a lot of personal troubles out of my control. Deaths among friends and family has had a huge influence on my view of life and this track is all about processing my thoughts and how sometimes we have to push through adversity and keep moving forward. 

3- Was the writing and recording process similar to your previous single ‘Fallen Angels’? Or was the experience completely different?

My process was quite different this time around. It was originally an unfinished project for another idea I had, but I kept experimenting and working with a new projection for the track which has made it what it is now. 

4- How important is evolution for you as an artist?

To me, evolution is one of the most important parts of music. I love to listen and hear artists from the past and see how they progressed in their musicianship over the years. I would love to do the same thing for myself down the line and examine how my sound has changed and where I’ve improved in my writing. 

5- What inspires you at the moment? 

I’ve had a bunch of different inspirations in the last couple months. I’ve been making Drum and Bass/Jungle type beats and would love to share them live some time in the future. I’ve also been expanding my metal horizons and have once again fallen in love with anything drum related. I’m looking to potentially involve some live performances of my playing in a couple tracks and keep exploring what works and doesn’t. 

6- With the world returning to some semblance of normalcy are you finding it easier or harder to create? How often does the state of the world influence your songwriting?

I would say it’s remained indifferent but it feels that the world is never 'normal' in some sense. There are always world events that come up or Mother Nature chucks another curveball but that’s probably a conversation for another time. Within my own life I tend to stick to my own bubble and worry about myself but depending on political and social trends I would say it definitely influences my lyricism and thought process in writing music. 

7- Last time we spoke there was talk of an EP in the near future. Any updates?

I would say it’s still near future plans and would love to release it before the mid year but we’ll see where life takes me by that stage. I’ve been working hard to try make it the best EP I could possibly make but everything takes time. 

8- And finally, how does the rest of 2022 look for Noah Parcey?

Hopefully a fun and eventful year! I would love to start performing live as soon as I can. To have an opportunity to meet fans and give them a good performance is on top of my bucket list. Outside of that, I’m working on a couple other projects that could potentially lead to an album sometime next year (fingers crossed). 

Thanks for stopping by Hipland!