Words by Nathan Jones

French producer, composer, and songwriter Petit Biscuit's new EP 'I Leave Again', featuring LA based artist Shallou, uses a ghostly yet upbeat melody to create a juxtaposition to its message of losing connection with a loved one.

The EP features four different version of the song: Original, Acoustic, Instrumental and the Japanese Wallpaper Remix.

The original song came out after an 11-month hiatus and became his first single of 2020.

The Northern Lights are nature's greatest light show and with this new track the ethereal samples create that exact imagery.

He struck inspiration for the lyrics among the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland.

"I started writing these lyrics while in Iceland, staring at the hazy sky. I thought to myself: this should be the starting point of my idea. When a relationship ends, everything feels so cold," he says.

"A lot of people feel guilty when their feelings for someone they once loved change. And so, breaking up feels like a huge weight has been lifted."

The two artists met on a tour in America where Shallou supported Petit Biscuit.

Shallou says it's rare for him to work with other artists but having been isolated through the pandemic they have been more likely to connect.

"I have traditionally made music on my own, then sharing the demos with artists over the internet to collaborate with," he says.

"These past years I’ve made an effort to connect more in person in the studio. Now that it can’t happen, I feel like a lot of bedroom producers are reaching out again the old way."

"Petit and I connected on this one online and it was really fun to work on something that feels like a true combination of our sounds.”