Words by Peter Cates 

When E^ST says she writes music that is, “Very raw, as raw as I can possibly make it,” you know she’s telling the truth.
“Fresh Out Of Love” is a testament to this ethos. Taking a classic ‘50s progression and bringing it into the new decade, this track carries a haunting sense of regret: the realisation that you’ve given away your love to someone who will never reciprocate.

Beautifully melodic and elegant in its bold production, E^ST’s vocals and deeply honest songwriting bring a melancholic feeling, or a sense of ‘emptiness’ as she would describe it, reverberating in lines like, “I gotta stop pretending people wouldn’t let me down.”
“Fresh Out Of Love” follows her hit single “Talk Deep”, the story of carefree, young love – E^ST’s second track to land on triple j’s Hottest 100 – and most recently “Flight Path” which centres around the fall out after this initial chemistry, as if you’re strangers all over again.
Falling somewhere in the middle of this rollercoaster relationship, “Fresh Out Of Love” is just another raw masterpiece from E^ST as she prepares some of her most defiant work for her upcoming debut album I’m Doing It.