After a whirlwind twelve months with the release of his debut EP ‘Corrsepondence’ in late 2018 Royal And The Southern Echo reemerges with a new single just in time for his upcoming showcase at BIGSOUND Festival.

The latest narrative "Don’t Think About Me" might sound like a break-up track, but for Brisbane’s songwriter Bryce Schneider it’s all that and more - a hymn to ‘fuck you’s’, being comfortable in your own skin, and the sentiment of being happy going it alone.

"Look, I’d say on the surface people might interpret "Don’t Think About Me" to be a breakup song and I guess there are elements of that but for me it’s a bit bigger. I don’t think I could tie it to one experience or a specific person and I’m not really a fan of that kind of songwriting. In the past I’ve let a lot of different people’s perspectives really affect the way I’ve thought, especially about myself and my art. I think this year I’ve learned a lot about letting go of that idea and have become more confident doing my own thing."