Words by Keane Fletcher

Sydney-based Argentine DJ-and-producer Korsorga (real name Joshua Delgado) isn’t one to let a pandemic slow him down. In fact, while most of us were whiling away our various lockdowns binge-drinking cleanskins and watching reruns of The Great British Bakeoff, Korsorga was busy creating and releasing a steady stream of club-worthy dance tracks, including his latest electro-bop ‘Runaway’.

Taking his cue from artists such as David Guetta and Tiesto, Korsorga has been experimenting and refining his brand of tech-house since he was 12-years-old! And it shows. With its polished production and refined textures, ‘Runaway’ is a worthy addition to anyone’s tech playlist, firmly establishing this up-and-coming young producer as someone to watch. And while we can’t ‘Runaway’ to any clubs at the moment (...see what I did there?) it doesn’t mean we can’t pour ourselves a big glass of cheap wine, crank the at-home party lights and dance around our living rooms until 2020 is finally over. In fact, that’s what I’m about to do right now.

We recently caught up with Korsorga to talk all things music and inspo, check it out below.

1- Where are you based at the moment?

I am currently based in Western Sydney, Australia.

2- How did you first get into DJ-ing and producing? How would you describe your sound?

I got into both DJ-ing and music production when I was 12 years old when I stumbled across various pre-recorded shows from famous DJs such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and Hardwell. 

That was when I began using FL Studio. I have been experimenting with different sounds from various genres such as Mid-Tempo and Future Bass. Now, I have been experimenting more with house music and the different sub-genres of house. In the case of DJ-ing, I have been practicing since I’ve got my own turntable, the ‘Hercules Universal DJ’, which I would recommend as a great starting point for those wanting to get into DJ-ing. 

 3- How does the creative process usually work for you? Do you start with a concept and work it, or is it more spontaneous?

My creative process begins differently every time. Sometimes I will begin making a song after listening to a dance track I really enjoy or sometimes an idea will just pop into my head. When I created my latest song ‘Runaway’, production began with the main influence coming from artists such as Solomun and Boris Brejcha. In some cases, my projects can change so much to the point where they can end completely different from my original idea. 

 4- Obviously dance music is often lyric-less with a greater emphasis on atmosphere and beat; how important then is texture and shape to you? What, in your opinion, makes the perfect dance song?

Texture and shape in my opinion are great when making a song. I do believe that any song can sound good with all the elements in place (such as rhythm, harmonics, speed) to work with one another to create something special.
I do not believe in a perfect song. For a song to be perfect it would need to appeal to everybody, which cannot really be achieved as every individual in this world has a different kind of taste in music. Some may like country music and heavy metal, but some may like Hip-Hop and EDM. 

 5- How do you feel the internet has affected your career as an artist? Do you believe streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud are making things easier or harder to get your music out there?

Well, we are now at a time where artists from any kind of genre (including myself) can get recognition for their music. Streaming services such as SoundCloud and Spotify allow upcoming artists to be shown to listeners who can potentially become a fan of their music. Basically, these streaming services along with many others are making it easier and more accessible for artists to be put into the spotlight.

 6- Who would be your dream collaboration?

I have a lot of people in mind who I would like to collaborate with. But if I had to choose, it would have to be Disclosure. They have recently been a massive influence on upcoming projects and I simply like their style from their songs ‘Mali Mali’ and ‘ENERGY’.

 7- 2020 has seen a steady release of singles for you, including your most recent electro-bop ‘Runaway’. How has the COVID-19 affected your creativity and planning? How do you hope people will respond to your music during these times of crisis and uncertainty?

As I am currently a university student, it caused me to do classes completely online and I admit, it sucks and negatively affects the way I study and focus. Music-wise however, it allowed me to work a lot on my tracks and to begin distributing them for the world to listen to. I hope people from any part of the world respond to my music positively, along with any criticisms which I can consider as advice for my upcoming projects. 

 8- What's next for you?

What is next for me is some upcoming music which I am excited to share. Along with that is a project that I am working on with a good friend of mine called ‘Patchcord’.

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