Analog synths, punchy drums, and effervescent harmonies - what more could you want from this electrifying debut single 'Wild' by Brisbane's Shadow Jenkins.

Alternative pop at its finest, 'Wild' masterfully bonds vintage tones with futuristic percussions, an engrossing combination which is only added to with their illuminating hooks and energetic grooves. Sonically inspired by a picturesque hike through the Swedish archipelagos, lyrically the track treks through heartfelt themes of love and loss, capturing naivety and turmoil of first love. 

"It expresses the deep desire to feel love and share love without the weight of commitment and responsibility, which appears to be the impossible dream," vocalist Sloane Simpson explains. 

Shadow Jenkins is a sonic experiment formed by Sloane Simpson, Tom Furby and Joe Thiang, collaborating to carve out a new path in the genre. Developing the group's colourful sound through diverse experiences, Shadow Jenkins find inspiration in tales of travel, heartbreak and human connection, not to mention the musical likes of The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Solange, A$AP Rocky and James Blake.

Despite this only being their first release, the sound of Shadow Jenkins is fully fledged thanks to the trio's worldwide writing and touring experience with the likes of MTNS, Vancouver Sleep Clinic and Art of Sleeping. The exciting new chapter for all three members, their debut proves to be a match made in heaven.

Establishing themselves as a sonic powerhouse already, Shadow Jenkins plan to keep fans busy with plenty still up their sleeves! 

'Wild' is out everywhere now.