Adelaide pop-punk, self-professed “two-piece puzzle”, TOWNS recently dropped their new track ‘Swimming’, alongside a larger than life video jam packed with colour and energy.

The duo have also announced they’ll be hitting the road later this year for their ‘Swimming’ Tour taking in five dates nationally from Friday 28 May in Brisbane taking in Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and finishing with their hometown Adelaide.

One half of the duo, Aston Valladares describes how the track came to life...


I remember the words for ‘Swimming’ just flowed out like word vomit because I was literally writing about my first anxiety attack.  I was aware of anxiety but never fully aware of its physical effects so I decided to write about what that felt like. I felt like personifying anxiety so I could sing to it, instead of against it.”

Aston also explains why he’s looking forward to playing it live...

Anxiety is different for everyone, but for me this felt purely like the same overwhelming feeling I get when I look out towards the ocean and see how insanely huge and unknown it is hence the name of the song.  This song has been with TOWNS for about 2 years and we did work it into our set but it somehow fell by the wayside as we wrote more, but as life becomes more and more unpredictable I feel like this is a song I know I’ll enjoy singing to anyone else who overthinks like me.”


We recently caught up with the boys form Towns to grab the top ten tracks to swim with... Let's dive in!


Jesse McCartney - Beautiful soul
I don’t know why this one hit me, it could be because the music video has this one cute scene of them kissing in the water or something,
Either way it’s a 2000’s bop that screams pool party so it makes the cut.
Teddy Geiger - For You I Will
This song has one line that says ‘a cannonball into the water’ and in the context of the song hits really nicely in the feels.
75% sure there is a pool kiss scene in the video for this one too
Sum 41 - In Too Deep
Okay this is pretty on the nose cause deep, water, swimming, pool etc. you get it.
Also us as a band take a lot of inspiration from this era of pop punk music, definitely shaped us into who we are today.
Soccer Mommy - Circle The Drain
Another one here cause drains relate to water and you can swim in water but this one goes deeper!
In the song exploder podcast for this song she talks about adding bubble and water drop sounds into the song and I thought it was such a clever technique to add to the narrative and since learning the story of this song it’s stuck with me forever.
Betchadupa - Aiming For Your Head
Okay you might not know the band or the song name, but if you were a child living in Australia between 2005-2008 you know this song.
I’ll give you 8 clues, Simmo, Heath, Matt, Edge, Perri, Bec, Fly and Anna. Watch everyone’s eyes light up and know every word when you play this song at a pool party.

Dumb Punts - Chiller
Something happened to me when I heard this song in 2016, I think it made me want to live by the beach and drive my Ford Falcon into the sunset. I used to go to the beach heaps and heaps in 2016 and this song and this old red hat I had just sits in such a nice comfy memory spot in my brain.
Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums
The drums are one of my favourite bands ever and this song just rocks - it’s such an iconic piece of indie history. I definitely can’t surf it is very hard.
Erasure - A Little Respect
The first time I went to the beach after lockdown last year I had this song so incredibly stuck in my head the entire day. I love this song so much it feels so obscure and different to anything I’ve heard before and I just love it so much and now it holds a nice beach memory in me brain!
All my friends - LCD Sound System
Sometimes I drive to the beach late at night by myself and walk through the water and feel all the things and this song just emphasises the feelings and helps bring my back to reality and remind me of all the beautiful things. 
Pacifier - Catfish and The Bottlemen
Let’s fucking GO!!!! This song gets me so amped.
I just wanna have the best time!! One time Aston and I celebrated New Years on the beach with the fireworks and this song was playing off my UE Boom and everything felt right in the world. 


Swimming Tour Dates

Friday 28 May | The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD

Saturday 29 May | The Lansdowne, Sydney, NSW 

Sunday 30 May | La La La’s, Wollongong, NSW 

Saturday 5 June | The Leadbeater, Melbourne, VIC

Saturday 6 June | The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide, SA