Building on an anthology of First Nations musical work, The Ancient Bloods is a musical project coming together in so-called Brisbane to celebrate song lines and create new ones; bringing a contemporary response to political issues and cultural heritage.


The project, which began in 2018, is about exploring identity for both the band and its audience, creating both learning and legacy.


"Through the forest, through the river, through the era and the blood. My ancestor come and get you cause the battle isn’t done."


The first single from the new project is ‘ANCSTR’, featuring the cutting hip hop vocals of emerging artists Loki Liddle, Will Probert and Nadia Morrison.



The track pays homage to the struggle of those that have gone before and the drawing of strength from their achievements as the new generation takes up the fight for rights.


"Will, Nadia and I came together to conjure the presence of our ancestors through the track," said Loki Liddle. "We wanted to create a kind of meeting ground between all our mobs - we're really hoping that the track will have the same effect for everyone listening in creating a surreal meeting ground for young people to gathering ancestors."


The Ancient Bloods current members include Nadia Morrison, Michaella Stubbs, Cormac Finn, Will Probert and Loki Liddle, working in the Digi Youth Arts mentoring program with guidance from artists including lead mentor Luke Daniel Peacock. With backgrounds including the Kabi Kabi, Bundjalung, Wiradjuri, Jabirr Jabirr, Garrwa, Butchulla, Darug the group explores a range of stories, truths and musical styles from their unique perspectives on their album ‘Where We Stand’ which will drop on November 6.


Exploring ‘Where We Stand’, from the land on which we exist through to the place we inhabit in society, the album explores First Nations relationships with the ancient past, with colonisation, with a modern and evolving society and how each of these impact on both the individual and on the world’s oldest living and thriving culture—all through the lens of emerging community leaders on their own personal journeys.