Words by Michaela Nolan


Thomas Headon pleased fans around the world this week as he dropped his latest single, ‘UrbanAngel1999’. Establishing himself as a singer, songwriter, producer, and more recently, director, Thomas has taken the leap into his creative expression.


His latest single was directed and starred himself (alongside his beloved Harry Styles cutout). With retro-vibes accompanied by a 90s set, Headon’s quirky take on his music video is memorable and charming. With the added effects of a 90s video game alongside an outdated computer, ‘UrbanAngel1999’ portrays a one-sided, online relationship.


"'UrbanAngel1999' is something stylistically that I’ve wanted to create for a long time. It’s a story about a one-sided, online relationship. A lot of the songs I’ve released recently are all attention-based or more lack of. Urban Angel is exactly that but more once you’ve established the relationship with someone and it starts to go downhill. I’m not usually a story-songwriter, but this came out of me really quickly and I’m super happy with it." 



Headon began his musical journey by busking, as well as uploading covers and originals to Youtube. He soon gained popularity, with his warm, engaging, and quirky personality. Now, with a solid and growing fanbase, Headon has collected upwards of 14 million streams across his Spotify and Youtube platforms.


The 20-year-old was especially popular on Triple J’s Unearthed this year, with three of his euphonious tracks scoring a five-star review from every member of the Unearthed team.


Thomas Headon has distinguished himself as one of 2020’s musical pioneers, with his unique mark already engraved across the Australian music industry. We're eager to see what he creates next.