Written by Emma Miller


Yes, you heard right. Disclosure are releasing a Minecraft experience called ‘The ENERGY’, and we are HYPED about it.


Today (August 28th), Disclosure not only dropped their new album ENERGY but also transformed the Minecraft world. Inspired by the album, Minecraft fans can join Disclosure’s dedicated server in the video game and party in three – yes, three – underground parties spread across the map.


As players explore the realm, made up of hundreds of millions of blocks, they’ll have the chance to do some serious crate-digging and hunting for thirteen hidden records! These include around eight reworked most-loved tracks by the duo. In this map, you'll find the earthy rolling hills, streams, and dark caverns that create the insane mosaic picture replicating ENERGY’s cover art.



The map is set to evolve and change over the week, aiming to promote environmental factors of reforestation and ocean repopulation. All this to set the themes found on ENERGY. The Disclosure Minecraft experience is meant to be diverse and full of life. Never simple, never static.


Watch for yourself here!



A decade in the future from their first debut, Guy and Howard Lawrence are experimenting with new ways to fulfill their careers. Although they never fail to release pumping dance tracks, the duo is constantly evolving and producing sounds that excite their fans. This new and exciting upcoming chapter in their careers will not be one to miss!