Words by Matthew Buckley

Image by Kane Hibberd


Rising Australian singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ’s career continues to blossom with the growing success of his latest single ‘Hold Me Back.’ He follows his success by taking a bold step with the release of the single’s official video, and with it a message against domestic abuse, one of the main scourges in Australian society today.


‘Hold Me Back’ draws inspiration from Tyne’s own experiences and relationship to the Me Too movement, and the official video targets domestic abuse. The video, directed by Rome (Mallrat ‘Charlie’ and ‘Groceries’, Allday ‘Lungs’), follows a young man’s violent and destructive behaviour, shown through shaky flashbacks as he explores the aftermath of attacking his partner.



As we follow the young man’s stumble through his memories, we reach a climax with the destruction of his own self-image and his partner. The video ends by showing a brutal statistic on domestic abuse in Australia, as well as links to resources to provide help and awareness for those affected


Through the use of his own platform, Organ decided to send the message that the struggles and suffering caused by domestic abuse are on the rise, with assaults increasing during lockdowns due to the global pandemic.


As he steadily grew his audience and reputation over the last couple of years through his own hard work and his astonishing talent for writing beautiful music, Organ has earned the reputation for wearing his heart on his sleeve. His courage and perseverance have endeared many fans in the country and around the world, as Organ tackles the themes of love, loss, grief and resilience. Through Organ’s own personal stories and experiences, he manages to bring out the raw honesty with which very few songwriters express. This has won him the support of major music outlets, such as triple j radio who have long supported his music.


Tyne-James Organ’s ‘Hold Me Back’ has got our attention, and you better believe he’s not going to stop anytime soon.