Words by Lillie Hull 

Image by Jack Shepherd 


Tyne-James Organ, a Sydney based singer-songwriter released his debut album, called ‘Necessary Evil’, which is the Covid-19 lovechild of him and creative partner Chris Collins.  


Recorded in Chris Collins' hinterland studio in Stokers Siding, the pair seemed to have a perfect creative synergy.  


Chris has worked with many popular aussie artists like Skeggs and Middle Kids and Organ was thrilled to escape Melbourne iso to work with him.


“Working with Chris on this album was very surreal. It was like a tropical retreat. Dark beers, wood fire, Chris’ cooking (INCREDIBLE) and making music with my best mate. What more could you ask for.”


Tyne grew up in a very musical household, his dad was a musician and his whole family were always singing and dancing. This was his biggest inspiration and helped him through everything in life, his family is what inspired him to pursue it as a career.   


“I was about 15 that I started writing my own music. I wrote my first song because I couldn’t articulate how I was feeling in conversation, and 10 years later I’ve made my debut album the exact same way.”


Organ's music is personal and emotional, on performing live Organ said:


“For me it’s healing. I write this music to heal. When others listen, I only hope they too feel something. I don’t want my songs to dictate emotions but bring them out. I’ve had messages about some of my darkest songs and the listener finding hope and new life whilst listening. That’s special.”


Necessary Evil is a healing album.  Having recently lost a close family member, there is a distinct rawness to the music that is incredibly captivating.


“I’m so proud of it as a whole. There’s something really haunting and special about ‘Heal You’.”



Tyne’s album is out now, you can find it where you find all good music. The album is truly an immersive, emotional experience and gives you an insight into Tyne’s mind and what he has gone through.