Words by Keane Fletcher

It's been just over a week since NZ-based indie dream pop quartet There's A Tuesday dropped their latest single 'Bus Stop' and we've had it on repeat ever since. Driving, hypnotic, and bristling with sun-soaked guitar 'Bus Stop' is the quintessential I'm-sad-but-still-wanna-groove song, the perfect addition to all those lockdown-picnic playlists I'm sure we're all making. 

And if you need any inspiration to get you going, TAT have even curated their own officially approved playlist EXCLUSIVE for Hipland (!!!) featuring a mix of some of their favourite Australian/NZ tracks from artists such as Julia Jacklin, Lorde, Middle Kids, Spacey Jane, and -- of course -- Benee. Have a listen below! And keep scrolling for our interview with TAT where we get the inside scoop on what makes our across-the-ditch brethren tick, the origins of the group, and how being signed to Benee's label, Olive Records, has changed their career.

Check it out below!

Hey guys! Before we get started, can you tell us a bit about the genesis of There’s A Tuesday. How did you first come together?

Kia ora! We all went to different schools in Christchurch, New Zealand but ended up meeting through mutual friends on the music scene. Originally There’s A Tuesday was just a duo with Nat and Minnie. The two of them met at their drummer Angus's birthday party when they were 17. After performing for a while as just a two-piece, we decided that the type of sound we wanted to make was unable to be done as an acoustic duo so we called on board Angus and our buddy Joel! 

Your latest single ‘Bus Stop’ is giving us that perfect blend of happy-sad vibes — you know, the kind where can’t help tapping your foot as you bawl your eyes out. What’s the story behind the song? And what was the process of writing and recording it like?

Bus Stop plays on the notion of ‘right person, wrong time’ and more often than less, the sadness that it can bring. The song was inspired by a human who takes the bus a great amount, and shares an experience that Nat had last year. It’s such a niggly thing! But something that we are sure many experience at times throughout their lives, there’s so many great people to love :)!

The song was written at the end of 2020 and recorded at the start of 2021 in Christchurch (our home town) with our great friend and phenomenal producer, Will McGillervray.  

How democratic is your songwriting process? Does one of you take the reins, or is it more of a communal effort?

Our process is always pretty similar! Usually Nat or Minnie will write a solid draft of a song independently, then take it to the other to seek advice/feedback! We then collaborate on the track together, finalising lyrics, guitar parts, harmonies etc before taking it to Joel and Gus to add in their drums and bass!

What’s changed for you since the band signed with Olive Records? How does it feel to have the tick of approval from an artist like Benee?

We’ve had a really fun time since signing with Olive. A lot of opportunities have come up that we never could have imagined a year ago. We feel so lucky to have that tick of approval! Stella is an amazing artist that we have looked up to for so long so to know she enjoys the music we create is something pretty indescribable to us. Stoked as <3

Obviously the last 18 months have been pretty precarious for the music industry. How has the pandemic affected you guys? Being from NZ, have you been spared the worst of it?

The pandemic certainly has been a very tricky and sad time for many. We have been fortunate here in Aotearoa in the way that COVID19 has been managed yet there’s definitely been some tricky parts. Currently Nat is in lockdown and we miss her heaps down here in Christchurch where it’s level 2. Last year when international acts were not able to come over and play, the festival scene needed more local bands and we were lucky enough to get to play some really cool festivals that we probably wouldn't have been able to play under different circumstances so that's something we are super grateful for. 

What inspires TAT at the moment?

We are so inspired by so many things. We are inspired by speaking about what goes on in our brains and being honest about the stuff that can be tricky. We find safety in writing about that and hope that others can find a sense of safety in that too. There is truly so much to be inspired by and so many lovely humans who are inspiring us all the time. We are most certainly inspired by people. :)

What's next for TAT? Can we expect a new album sometime soon?

We’ve got many songs to release and we can’t wait to share the new stuff we’ve been working on. Something like an album/ep is definitely on the horizon! And some tours here and there too. Exciting times!  

Thanks for stopping by Hipland!