Australian musician Vancouver Sleep Clinic is today releasing his acoustic-guitar-laced track “Fever”. This marks the third single in the lead-up to his soon-to-be-released album “Onwards to Zion”, set to make it to our music libraries on October 18th. This latest release imbues a spirit of perseverance amongst listeners with its mellow yet uplifting ambience. 

“Fever is the last song I wrote for Onwards to Zion and the final single to come out,” said Tim Bettinson“The timing feels special because Fever really embodies the theme of perseverance from across the album and is written for the amazing people in my life that have inspired me and continue to help me press on in this journey.”


Tim Bettinson’s upcoming album “Onwards to Zion” was created amongst the secluded yet peaceful setting of Bali’s Lovina Beach, writing much of the album on a $100 nylon string guitar bought at one of Bali’s only music stores. The album bears a distinctly collagic sonic palette, encompassing everything from ethereal atmospherics to psychedelic synth tones to hazy samples of ’60s jazz-pop records.