Images by Chinatown Market, Awake at Three and Bound

Words by Tayler Deighton


Even while in a global pandemic streetwear has continued to thrive, but what does it look like?


Turn the clock back two and three decades and we can see where inspiration for a huge portion of 2020 streetwear has come from. With colourful, baggy t-shirts and quirky graphics with Y2K-esque font the inspiration is obvious. Streetwear in 2020 takes from both the 90s and the early 2000s streetwear and combines it with today’s more trendy silhouettes and colours. From the 90s we take from the hip-hop scene with colour-blocking, oversized t-shirts and pants and then blend it seamlessly with the graphic tees and typography we so fondly remember from the early 2000s.


Brands such as Chinatown Market, Bound, Awake at Three and Take Note stand out as having some of the most nostalgic clothing designs with bright, bold graphics, quirky typography and their combination of baggy crew necks and cool polo shirts. 

From Chinatown Market’s use of the bright smiley-face logo spread on their garments to Bound’s stripes, 3/4 zip jumpers and polos, every unique piece has taken inspiration from the past 30 years of streetwear.


Street fashion in 2020 is ridiculously oversized graphic tees you find in your local thrift stores and laugh at until you put them on. It’s the clothes you see old pictures of you and your siblings wearing when you were kids in the 90s and early 2000s. Streetwear has developed into something more than cool, comfortable clothes – they can give us something much more valuable than we maybe even realise. These colours and graphics can bring us nostalgia for simpler times and in turn bring us joy which, in a year like 2020, is a necessity.


Keep an eye on this space for some upcoming exciting news about Bound and Take Note and in the mean time, check out these awesome brands yourselves at their websites linked below.

Awake at Three
Chinatown Market
Take Note