Image by Nick Mckk


Words by Michaela Nolan


Queen of writing music with meaning, Melbourne-based artist, Woodes, recently dropped her latest single, ‘Queen Of The Night’. Her album Crystal Ball is set to release October 2nd and has already got fans lining up for their next euphoric fix.


Woodes latest single changes-things-up with a darker, bolder and fiercer tune. Influenced by the #metoo movement, ‘Queen Of The Night’ focuses on a woman’s transformational rebirth as a phoenix—encapsulating the powerful symbolism of being reborn from ashes.


Woodes describes ‘Queen Of The Night’ as the compelling sister song to her 2016 debut EP track ‘Rise’, which focuses on a woman rising up and emerging from the ocean. However, this time round, ‘Queen Of The Night’ is set in the desert, and the empowered woman readies herself for battle.


“Each song on the album exists in a different landscape in my head, ‘Queen Of The Night’ is a song for the desert.” Woodes says,

“I wrote it around when the #metoo movement was happening, and in this desert song, a woman breaks through a roof of glass returning as a giant phoenix.

I’d also been really obsessed with desert super blooms. When writing this song I had all of these purple and orange desert blooms on my desktop and I was singing at them, imagining being in a desolate barren wasteland, coming across a field of vivid colour.”


Woodes recently enlisted Reuben Gore (creator of the famous Splendour Minecraft) to build a Crystal Ball Village on a private Minecraft server. This will give fans the opportunity to explore, interact and join Woodes herself on missions, challenges and more. The building of the Crystal Ball Village is showcased in Woodes latest lyric video; featuring ancient temples, colourful desert blooms and a few other secrets—just waiting to be discovered. Check it out below.



The album has been years in the making, with Woodes writing over 40 songs for the LP. The majority of the album’s writing took place during a three-week stint in Los Angeles, with Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer, Scott Effman. Woodes also had the opportunity to record with Alex Somers (the American producer behind one of her favourite records, Valtari by Iceland’s Sigur Ros).


Ready yourself for an undoubtably other-worldly experience as Woodes long-awaited album, Crystal Ball, drops via Believe Digital on October 2nd.