Alexa Galante, also known as XO Bunny shows support after Instagram
rolls out tests in several countries that prevent users from seeing the amount of
likes on a post.

The American social media influencer, married to Rolling Loud Music Festival
Owner Matt Zingler, thinks removing likes in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Japan,
Brazil, Ireland, and Canada is just the beginning and believes that the trial run will
expand into the United States soon.

Instagram states that users can see their own likes but it is not shared with their
followers. It is an initiative to make social media more fun and less competitive.
Their goal is to improve users mental health, reduce stress around not being
‘Insta-famous,’ and to encourage posting content that you love.

Bunny, who does marketing and media strategies for Rolling Loud, has helped the hip-hop music festival to become one of the largest in the world. They have expanded to host festivals in countries all over the world and draw in thousands of hip hop, rap, and r&b music lovers from around the globe.

Her experience with social media marketing has helped both her personal brand and the music festivals account to gain massive followings.

She acknowledges the trial run and how it may affect smaller accounts and less
popular influencers, however, she is not worried about losing followers, sponsors,
or partnerships.

With over 1.5 million followers, she is confident that her fans and
support will keep flooding in. The insta-celeb gives advice on gaining and keeping such a large fan base. Bunny reveals,


“Be active on Instagram, post cool content, be yourself, be confident,
interact and engage with your followers, and show appreciation for all of your


The Rolling Loud music festival has some of the biggest hip hop artists headlining
their festivals including Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, and Migos. They expanded their
festival tour and became international after selling out three consecutive years in
Miami. This past year they have hosted the festival in countries such as Australia,
China, Japan, and the UK.

Bunny is proud of her hubby, Matt, who founded the festival back in 2015 and
boasts of Rolling Loud becoming the #1 hip hop festival in the world. This huge
accomplishment can be partially credited to her marketing and advertising
strategies that have taken the festival to the top.

Bunny, who has been able to meet some of the most popular artists and
influencers in the business, says:

“It’s amazing to work for such an independent and organic brand. Everyone on the Rolling Loud team is so cool and works really hard. I’m blessed to be apart of it.”