Sydney audiences can rediscover the Beatles immortal catalogue when the stage sensation, Lady Beatle, heads to Riverside Theatres this weekend as part of its 32-venue tour across Australia.

Starring Green Room Award-winner Naomi Price and inspired by true accounts, Lady Beatle is a magical mystery tour set to a soundtrack of The Fab Four’s biggest hits.

Price and co-writer Adam Brunes weave a poignant, original narrative through the Liverpool quartet’s incredible back catalogue, and pay homage to the characters whose stories might never have been told were it not for four ordinary lads from Liverpool.

Iconic songs are reimagined, reinterpreted and performed live by Price and her band including Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Eleanor Rigby, Yellow Submarine, Here Comes the Sun and Penny Lane.

We caught up with Naomi Price from Lady Bird for a quick take five.

How did Lady Beetle come about?

Lady Beatle came about after a boozy dinner. Our friend asked Adam (my co-creator) and I what we were planning next. We had already written Rumour Has It (about the life and music of Adele) and Wrecking Ball (documenting Miley Cyrus’ transition from Disney pop princess to shaving off her hair and swinging on a demolition ball). Adam just announced out of nowhere that we would tackle the music of the Beatles and the next show would be called Lady Beatle! Two years later, we were invited to pitch a show to La Boite Theatre Company for their 2017 Mainhouse season. We offered the idea of Lady Beatle to them, and they took it. After six months of creative development, writing, music rehearsals and copious amounts of wine, we debuted the show in May 2017. And now we are on a 32 venue national tour!

What's been your favourite venue to play?

I absolutely loved playing Sydney Opera House in 2016 with our show Rumour Has It. That was an absolute ‘pinch yourself’ moment. My family flew over from the UK to see the show and the whole thing just seemed so surreal. I can’t wait to return there this December with our show Christmas Actually - the music of Love Actually live onstage.

If you had to leave for another planet tonight and you could only take one album, what would it be?

I would take Geography by Tom Misch. It’s the first album in years that I can listen to from start to finish and not get bored. He’s a consummate musician and an exquisite songwriter. 

So far in your career you've covered a lot of material written by iconic women in music, Adele, Carol King, Miley Cyrus.  What draws you to this type of material?

I think that I’m just as obsessed as everyone when it comes to finding out the truth behind the scenes. We live in a world that is fascinated by celebrity - I think our shows deconstruct fame and allow people to peep behind the curtain, and imagine what life is like for these artists we love and admire. 

Out of John, Ringo & Paul...  Root, Shoot & Marry?

John - root, Paul - marry, Ringo - shoot

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What: Lady Beatle
When: 8pm on 7 th September
Where: Riverside Theatres - corner of Church and Market Sts, Parramatta
Click Here For Tickets: Adult $62 Concession $57 or
from the Box Office (02) 8839 3399.

Starring Naomi Price and band: Tnee Dyer, Jason McGregor, Darran Muller and Phil Roach.