Words by Zack Anthony Curran

Ritt Momney is blowing up Tik Tok, Spotify, and our hearts with insane cover of Put Your Records On.

Introducing the 21 year old wonder kid, Ritt Momney.  Hailing from Salt Lake City, Jack Rutter AKA Ritt Momney is taking off after dropping Corinne Bailey Rae’s 2006 hit ‘Put Your Records On’. 


The track has been blowing up on Tik Tok and has been used in videos more than 580K times resulting in the track booming across the globe but particularly here in Australia.

Currently sitting at #9 on Spotify, #33 on Apple Music, and is the fifth most Shazamed song in the country at the moment.  It's astonishing but the track is now sitting amongst the ARIA charts at #19.

Beginning as an indie rock band comprised of high school friends, the project Ritt Momney became a personal outlet for Rutter after his bandmates left on Mormon missions and his girlfriend left for college.

In his bedroom, he wrote, recorded, and produced his debut LP, entitled “Her and All of My Friends,” in which Rutter grapples with loss, loneliness, and a drift away from Mormon culture.

This is has been one of those insane explosions for Ritt Momney and i can confirm he has his own new music coming out around the end of the year.

Ritt explores the indie-rock sound beautifully, which you can hear for yourself in his previous releases on Spotify.

I'm absolutely stoked to be introducing you to Ritt Momney and his gorgeous combination of melancholia and indi-rock and will be eagerly waiting to see what drops at the end of the year.

Let me know what you think of the track in the comments below!

Ritt Momney is blowing up Tik Tok, Spotify, and our hearts with his insane cover of Put Your Records On.